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At  International Logistics, you are confident that your goods will arrive at their destination on schedule and unscathed. To ensure our customers’ 100 percent satisfaction, we use only the most experienced drivers. As part of our traditional services, all of the vehicles in our fleet are well-serviced, thereby preventing delays that could impact the delivery of your freight. However, we also hire the best hotshot drivers who use their quality trucks and vans.

Many of our hotshot drivers also provide Sprinter van service. Built by Mercedes-Benz, this van is dependable. Some of our drivers choose to go with a luxury Sprinter van rental, which along with reliability offers excellent fuel efficiency, with the savings passed down to you. By renting a Sprinter van service, our hotshot drivers enjoy enhanced comfort and a smooth ride, making it easier for them to make more deliveries and travel further distances.

While some of the drivers at Net Freight System Inc International Logistics prefer a Sprinter van rental, others opt for a Sprinter minibus, chassis cab, or pickup truck. Depending on the volume and type of goods hired to deliver, the driver chooses the appropriate vehicle. Because of the flexibility that Sprinter vehicles provide, our hotshot drivers increase their opportunities to serve their customers more efficiently.

For drivers who typically drive longer distances as part of our hotshot trucking services, a Sprinter camper van rental makes perfect sense. With that, the driver can sleep while on the road, thereby spending less on hotel accommodations. Again, this saves the driver money, which ultimately affects what the customer pays.

Whether choosing to hire one of our highly-trained, experienced, and dedicated hotshot drivers or getting a full truckload, flatbed trucking, international freight shipping, or perhaps our unparalleled logistics services, we offer superior pricing. For expedited services, our hotshot trucking services are by far the best.

For getting goods delivered quickly, there is no time to conduct research. Instead of spending a lot of your valuable time trying to find a reputable source, contact us at Net Freight System Inc International Logistics. All of our drivers are professionals who work hard to ensure that you have a positive and cost-effective experience. At Net Freight System Inc International Logistics, you have one point of contact, making it easy to stay on top of your delivery schedule.

Net Freight System Inc International Logistics is an industry leader for all trucking and logistics needs. Whether delivering your goods in a pickup truck or relying on a luxury Sprinter van rental, you have the assurance of a seamless process. A comprehensive network of experienced delivery professionals and logistics experts sets Net Freight System Inc International Logistics apart from the competition.

Fast efficient service! Staff are great very friendly and easy to deal with. Prices are pretty much fair!


A. Fabian Conde

Company is Very Good Working with them from more than five year Cooperative Staff and Owner thanks for giving us Opportunity ..


Sundeep Nagra

Great great customer service. I'll be using them again and recommend to those in need.


Chris Roberts

such a great company and specially owner his best person he's so friendly


Saeedvirk Virk

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